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The Militant Vol 5 -1932


The Militant
"Weekly Organ of the Communist League of America (Opposition)"
Volume 5, 1932
Editorial Board: Martin Abern, James P Cannon, Max Shachtman, Maurice Spector, Arne Swabeck

This fifth volume of the official weekly newspaper of the American Trotskyist Opposition features 51 issues and over 200 pages of content. Numerous articles are included by such leaders of the Left Opposition as Leon Trotsky, Jim Cannon, Arne Swabeck, Max Shachtman, Maurice Spector, and others.
International affairs are front and center in the coverage in this issue, with events in Germany and China of particular concern.

This document was created by Martin Goodman of the Riazanov Library Digitization Project and uploaded to by Tim Davenport. The material is in the public domain owing to its publication in the United States between 1923 and 1978 with no copyright notice in the original publication and is released here without further restriction.

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